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My Favorite KERA Models

Hi everyone! Hope everyone’s having a good February so far 🙂

I know I promised everyone a post about the contact lenses that I got, but because of certain “circumstances” (mainly, dust deciding to go into my left eye the day we were supposed to have the shoot for the lenses) I can’t.

Sooo I thought, what to post? While I was thinking, I was going through the latest KERA issue which I had just downloaded, the January 2016 issue. I was spazzing so much about it to Aian that I decided to make a little post about my favorite KERA models! Random I know, but typical. Anyway, I’ll start. All these photos are from the said issue, so if you like it as much as I do, don’t just download buy a copy! 🙂

KERA magazine

Ayumi Yamauchi. Vocalist of the band, LANCER>>Bee. My favorite, favorite KERA model. She first caught my eye with her bright red hair, and even now with her two-tone, I still love her. She totally rocks black/red hair. (Though it’s more pink than red now, haha!) I love, love her style. I hope to get her piercings soon. (Once I gather enough courage for it.)

Akira. Vocalist of the band, DISACODE. Akira is pure love, there are no words. Mad fierce style. Even Aian loves Akira. From her clothes to her makeup to how she carries herself.. everything about Akira is amazing. I swear if I see her walking down the street I will gawk. With my mouth open and everything.

Midori! My favorite out of all the Lolita models in KERA and GLB. I love how she can go from to super cute moe to fierce to insanely sweet moe again. Also, her heart-shaped lips = mega cute x 9999.

Buttt, Akira and Midori together is even more awesome. They are my OTP, haha! Super adorable pair ♥ ♥ ♥

Apochi! One of the newer KERA models that I absolutely fell in love with. Mega cute face! What’s interesting about her is that her style is almost the exact opposite of what she models. I always look forward to seeing her in the Lolita sections in KERA ♥

AH. Yukka! THIS GIRL. I’ve been seeing a lot of her in the recent issues, but I’ve only -properly- looked at her now. Y U SO HOT. I think they got her as a replacement for uRi, since I have not been seeing her in the more recent issues. I might be wrong though, and she might come up in the next issues. I’m not so sure about this, so don’t take my word for it. Either way, Yukka is definitely in my watchlist. Love that face, and how she carries herself. Awesome style, too.

Seeing all this awesomeness is making me want to buy even more KERA magazines. I really want to buy them from YesAsia, but mouuu, my tablet comes first. Maybe next time, heh. Who are your favorite KERA models? Or favorite Japanese magazine models? I’d love to know! 😀

February 3, 2016