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Design Crash Course – Using Basic Shapes

Ok so I have been asked how I manage “cuteness” in all my pics… Cuteness – now that’s a nice way to put it.


Well, sometimes I prefer post-processing pictures I take with Photoshop and use a few basic shapes to bring out the details in them. This isn’t as complicated as you may imagine. On the contrary, anyone can do it with just a basic knowhow of Photoshop.

To start all you have to do is take any picture and decide what you really want to put into perspective. And then using squares, rectangles and circles bring out better precision or blur the surrounding out. To do this make a marque selection first.

Once done selecting the subject, if you wish to improve its precision or play with the curves then you can do so and the effects apply only to that segment and nothing else. On the other hand, you can do the same by inverting the selection. To do this just right click on the marque selection and Choose Inverted.

Now that was the easy way to do things and you really don’t get lines and abstract flows in your images. For that you actually have to draw lines and basic shapes. Fade out a few corners, maybe even erase parts and so on so forth.

To do this simply choose the area where you wish to make your addition. Then, proceed with the basic shape you want for your finished image. Draw it out, move it and make sure it is aligned as you wish. The final step is to rasterize the shape and erase out parts of it or smoothen the edges, maybe even add some effects. Do this as many times with as many shapes as necessary and you have your post-processed picture that boasts of some geometry.

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April 12, 2016