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Design Crash Course – Using Basic Shapes

Ok so I have been asked how I manage “cuteness” in all my pics… Cuteness – now that’s a nice way to put it. Well, sometimes I prefer post-processing pictures I take with Photoshop and use a few basic shapes to bring out the details in them. This isn’t as complicated as you may imagine. On the contrary, anyone can do it with just a basic knowhow of Photoshop. To start all you have to do is take any picture and decide what you really want to put into perspective. And then using squares, rectangles and circles bring out better..

MoreApril 12, 2016
My Musings

My Favorite KERA Models

Hi everyone! Hope everyone’s having a good February so far 🙂 I know I promised everyone a post about the contact lenses that I got, but because of certain “circumstances” (mainly, dust deciding to go into my left eye the day we were supposed to have the shoot for the lenses) I can’t. Sooo I thought, what to post? While I was thinking, I was going through the latest KERA issue which I had just downloaded, the January 2016 issue. I was spazzing so much about it to Aian that I decided to make a little post about my favorite KERA..

MoreFebruary 3, 2016