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Advantages of learning Photoshop

The benefits associated with acquiring mastery over the nuances of Photoshop today, are indeed too many.

  • Maybe even ten to fifteen years earlier, this wasn’t true and these skills were exclusively reserved for web designers, logo designers etc.
  • Today, you can spruce up your professional profile with Photoshop for a large number of skills.
  • This includes positions such as Social Media Managers, Social Media Executives, Digital Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Executives, Online Ad Designers, Content Creators and so on. The list is truly endless, and the entire credit goes to the power of the internet, which has fostered enormous job creation at designations that were unheard of earlier.
  • You can even become a certified Photoshop Trainer. When I started out with ‘Little Forest Girl’, a lot of people advised me to cash in on my skills rather than running a ‘free to access’ blog or training module. Well, it was my choice to go ahead with this lovely site, because photo editing is more of a hobby or passion for me. I don’t see art as a profession.
  • But you needn’t follow my example at all! Photoshop Trainers and graphic experts are in much demand, and you can easily build a successful career on it, if you work hard enough. Of course in addition to hard work, there needs to be an incredible amount of passion towards what you do!

Biggest challenges

Knowing about the biggest challenges in your learning process beforehand, can come in very handy as you will not be taken by surprise, and you will be well prepared to tackle them head-on. While every learner’s journey is unique, there are some challenges that all learners and experts have unanimously agreed upon, and I think I can feel free to talk about these here, all for the benefit of my value readers. (P.S- You are welcome!)

  • Getting disconnected in between- Once your flow gets broken, it is often hard to bounce back.
  • Remaining updated with the latest versions- This is exactly what I meant when I said that learning is a lifelong process!
  • Sharpening images often becomes a major challenge for those who jump to the advanced stages without learning the basics. It is always important to learn from basics. For heaven’s sake, the learning curve was designed for a reason!
  • Lack of passion- So you started off with all guns blazing, but ran out of steam halfway through. Not being passionate is the biggest hindrance, and honestly, the real motivation can only emanate from within you!
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September 12, 2017