Well, a picture speaks a thousand words but with Photoshop, it can speak so much more, what with all the lovely hues, shades, elements and more! My first stint with Photoshop happened when I was fourteen, in an effort to tweak up a family album before posting it on Instagram. What was just an amateur effort piqued by curiosity, slowly and steadily transformed into a whole new dimension. I was instantly drawn to this amazing piece of technology like moth to a flame, and since then I have been teaching myself and discovering furthermore.

Learning is a life-long process…

The best thing about the internet being a vast abyss of information open to all, is that self-learning has becoming a real thing. No longer do you have to enroll yourself into expensive online or offline training programs to learn a new skill. Mastering any skill, be it Photoshop, photography, painting, cooking and so on, has become an inexpensive and hassle-free process, thanks to the thousands of helpful videos and other forms of content that tell you everything you need to know.

One-Stop Destination for Photoshop Enthusiasts!

As far as Photoshop is specifically concerned, my journey so far has been aided by some fabulous free online training modules put up by Photoshop enthusiasts like myself. And now that I have acquired a fair level of mastery, I decided to begin a one-stop Photoshop website myself. Pardon me for not picking a more technical or training-oriented name. I can say that ‘little forest girl’ is my alter ego of sorts, the inner core that I find respite with when I’m cynical about the world around. The little forest girl in me views her surroundings with a different lens, one that allows me to find beauty in all things, small and big. So not only is this website a one-stop destination for Photoshop enthusiasts, but is also a great place for new learners. And of course, since this happens to be my website, I also take the liberty of using it as a personal blog, for random musings about love, life, beauty, nature, music and more!