I know of so many wannabe learners who end up paying through their noses to master an important skill. Especially if it is something that makes your Curriculum Vitae appear more impressive like Photoshop, you are bound to pay more for it. This is exactly why I was determined to begin a process of sharing learning resources for free. Everything I know today can be attributed to the sheer power of the internet and my own determination and passion to learn. And what better way to express gratitude, than there is to spread the joy!

An Introduction

The most important thing to know about Photoshop as a graphics editing software for the creation, modification or editing of images, is that every new addition or photo-effects that you incorporate in your image, will be treated as an image itself. So even a single layer of editing done on one picture, upon selecting will sum up to two images; while all of this sounds simple and obvious at this stage, it will be important for you to keep this in mind as you ascend towards advanced levels of mastery in this area.

Going through the Dialogue Box

The dialogue box is basically a dashboard of sorts which gives you all the vital stats pertaining to the image, and the option to modify them as desired. This includes the file name and preset of the image, along with width, height, resolution, color mode, background, and color profile and pixel aspect ratio. For further editing, you can click on the ‘advanced features’ tab of the Photoshop Dialogue Box.