Hey folks, a one-sided conversation is something that I really detest. From the very minute I started to work on ‘Little Forest Girl’, the website named after my alter ego, I knew I wanted to engage my visitors in beautiful conversations. I fact, I’m always on the lookout for like-minded Photoshop enthusiasts, and I hope to learn a lot from all you lovely people! So please feel free to write to me, nothing too formal; ramblings and musings are most welcome. What the heck, I’m an amateur too!

Tell me about your journey, why you decided to learn photo editing, and what excites you about it the most. Or maybe send me some of your most beautiful creations, and I will be glad to put it up here with all due copyrights to you of course. Very soon, I plan to work on a monthly newsletter, and value-adding guest posts are always welcome. For those who cannot write articles, you can feel free to submit comments on how much you like my website. Thanks!